Secured By Design is a Police initiative which focuses on Crime Prevention at the design and construction stage of home and commercial building projects. Its main aim is to promote the use of security applications and projects to prevent crime in the first instance. We at Woodcraft are working along side various major house builders across the UK where they have been in direct contact with the Police Architechtural Liason Officers, to build houses and landscape gardens which include Code 3 Secured By Design Sheds, to conform with the SBD shed advice.

This type of shed can be purchased as a stand alone item by private and public sector alike or in larger volumes for building projects.

Making a shed to SBD requirements

Sheds to comply with SBD requirements should have..

  • Either a 5 lever deadlock incorporated into at least a 44mm thick door OR a sold silver secure lock which bolts through the structure of the door.
  • Hinges coach bolted through so they cannot be removed or clutch Screws

Woodcraft UK have been supplying sheds to comply with SBD and Code 3 for many years to major house builders. Each site and company is different and has different requirements. Being the manufacturer, we are able to cater for these different requirements. We fit both bolt through Hasps and 5 lever deadlocks into our doors.


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